Did you know…

…that the usage of natural plastics for ECOmfort will save ca. 21,400 liters of petrol and reduce greenhouse gases equal to planting over 1,000 new trees.

(For average production of 1 M roller per year, IngeoTM benefits calculator.)

  • ...that Henkel patented glue mass from 90% renewable ingredients, saves one ton oil every day. (Yearly production vs. production with old Pritt PVP formula.)
  • …that the Pritt Stick is produced in Germany.
  • …that the Recycled Refill Correction Rollers are made in EU.
  • …that Pritt Refill Rollers have > 65% less plastic than refillable correction rollers from main competitor. Plastic per m correction tape, Competitor = Tipp Ex; internal tests)

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