Refill Roller Midway

Key facts

The Pritt Refill Roller Midway is the economical solution for frequent users. It can be used on most types of papers, including fax paper and doesn't leave marks or stains on photocopies.
The Refill cassettes are made out of approx. 50% recycled plastic!

Product Features

  • Solvent- and PVC-free
  • The Refill Roller is easy to refill with Pritt Refill Cassettes.
  • The Pritt Refill Roller features 4.2mm (thin) or 8.4mm (broad) tape width and 14m tape length.

Application Areas

  • Paper

Additional Information

Easy to refill with Pritt refill cassettes

 Just open the housing by pushing the button at the top and change the cassette.
Fine or Broad: It´s your choice
We offer the Pritt Midway Roller with two tapes widths:

  • 4.2mm: for correcting single lines of typed text
  • 8.4mm: for correcting large areas and handwritten text

Pritt advanced technology
Flexible nib

The flexible nib ensures smooth application from beginning to the end. The retractable protector secures the tape when needed.

Quality from Henkel

Pritt Correction Rollers are:

  • solvent-free
  • acid-free

Step by Step


Position the paper on a flat, steady surface.

1.  Position nib evenly on the paper

2.  Roll smoothly 

3.  Tilt roller upwards

Easy to refill...

...with Pritt refill cassettes.